Blue Lines

World Trade Center, NYC

I took this a few months before One World Trade Center (left) officially opened. I had been watching the tower go up from a distance for years from my apartment in LIC. This was my first opportunity to see it up close and to visit the 9/11 Memorial. Watching this building come up over the last few years of its construction has been a mix of wonder, curiosity and a rewind back to 2001. I remember the first time I drove into the city after 9/11 and saw the skyline missing the twin towers I had grown up seeing on every trek into the city from the island since the 70s. I remembered going to the observatory when I was a little kid and leaning against the glass and looking down in amazement at how ant-like all the people looked on the street. The twin towers were more than iconic, they were a core part of the NY ethos. Visually, the buildings are new and fresh and have interesting lines and personality and all that, however, I would be lying if I told you that I didn't miss the old towers.


Creatively Parked

Long Island City, NY

It's been a few years since I've tended to the site. I mostly blame a hectic life, a newborn, a new company, etc. Blah, blah. The reality is that I hit a creative wall head on and hard and remained parked there. No motivation to take a picture or create anything with the camera. I wasn't particularly interested in even working on photos I had already taken and liked. Hit. Wall. Splat. I'm not sure why, but a few weeks ago, my motivation started to rise. A tinge if you will, and I was digging the camera out. I resumed keeping an eye out for potential shots. I started planning to take the camera with me more often. Today, I decided to breathe some life into this site. I added a new picture after 2 years and changed the design a bit. I plan on adding some text to each of the past posts, context is important. The motivation is steadily increasing, I should have momentum soon. I'm excited to get out of park and to drive around and capture again.