The Lights of Fortune

Last holiday season I spent some time walking around Manhattan looking for some subjects to photograph. I ended up at St. Patricks Cathedral, which is a beautifully architected building and seems to take you out of that NY state of mind thing once you get in. I'm not religious, so I don't really connect with the environment spiritually, but I can appreciate the sanctity of it. These votive candles are used by the faithful and I imagine the not so faithful to extend a prayer for someone else who is suffering, in need of help or who has passed. The idea being that the flames of the candle will take that prayer to God on that person's behalf.

I chose this photo for today because as much as Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, going into a food coma and watching football, it's also about recognizing what we are grateful to have in our lives and for those whom have crossed our paths in the past or no longer can. This photo reminds me to take a moment and consider what I am fortunate to have and to wish for those who could use some fortune, that they get it sooner rather than later.

I wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and know that these candles are lit for you.