Sunrise Shower

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Taking a shower outdoors is strange, at least the first time. It seems unnatural until you get out of your own way, turn around and see this view. All of a sudden, cleansing takes on a whole new meaning. 

This is sunrise from the outdoor shower at Hix Island Hotel on the island of Vieques in Puerto Rico. The Hix architecture is all about openness, integration and appreciating nature, which is why there are no TVs or phones in the rooms. No loss, there's plenty to see anyway.

One technical note, I tried to get the sun "sprite" effect by closing down the aperture to f/16 and smaller, but the sun still came out flat. I wonder if this is a limitation of the micro 4/3's sensor or maybe my shutter speed was too fast? Regardless, I still like the photo and it serves as a reminder to get out of my own way and look around every once in a while.