The fleet awaits

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

I went on an expedition of what turned out to be Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I say it turned out, because for whatever reason, I thought I was still in Long Island City. There is a creek called Newton Creek, that flows from the East River into Brooklyn and separates it from Queens.  This fact of geography escaped me at the time. I do see this area every day when driving to Long Island and was always drawn to how messy the area is.  Junk can make for good photography subjects after all.  What I discovered was a mix of scrap metal businesses, sewage treatment plants and television studios (The Good Wife, Deception, Golden Boy).  The scene that intrigued me the most was this produce company. The bright yellow and orange is pretty glaring and then contrast that with the white trucks, all motionless, waiting for something to carry somewhere, made for an interesting image, at least for me. With all the grit that lines the streets and buildings in the area, I guess I was drawn to the unexpected brightness of it all.