Too Tired

New York City Subway, NY

One of my goals as a photographer is to overcome my fear of taking pictures of strangers. I know this is pretty common, even amongst professionals. Living in NYC means that I have a whole world of street photography and really interesting people and situations available to me. I mostly took landscape pictures when I started and now I seem to really enjoy getting those street shots, once I muster the courage to actually do it. The ultimate milestone would be taking a shot in a subway, really up close and personal. If I could do that comfortably, that would be a major achievement.

This shot was taken on a subway in NYC, but I don't count it as a success towards my goal because the subject didn't know I was taking his picture. However, I do look at it as step one in what I imagine will be a long line of steps towards building my confidence. The good thing is that while I build up that courage, I will be taking more pictures, and who can argue that being a bad thing?