Queens Rain

Hunters Point, Queens, NY

I thought about writing a Haiku for this picture. My wife likes writing those, but I will admit I do much better with images than I do with poems. The attempt was miserable, so I'll do what I always do, say what I felt when I pressed the shutter. Actually, I knew exactly what I wanted to see in the image, I saw it before I picked up the camera. I waited until the rain came in and the fog loomed just right. The rest was about turning it into black & white and dodging and burning in some spots.

What strikes me about the scene is that this could have been taken any time in the far past and you wouldn't know the difference, it's got an old feel to it for me. It's also not a typical New York image. There is deliberately no Empire State Building or other landmark. This is Queens, it has beauty in its own very special way, just not always.