It sucks, but I still like it

Hunter's Point Park South (Dog Run) 

There is so much wrong with this photograph. Let's start with composition, the head is cut off at the corner! The focus point is somewhere on her left paw, no where near the eyes which is where it should be. Finally, the exposure is all wrong for about 20% of the shot given all the blown out sun glare. As an amateur even I know that this shot breaks a lot of rules and not intentionally and certainly not for any artistic endeavor.

HOWEVER, I freaking love this picture! I like the brown/tan tones and I actually think the composition works because it allows you to focus on her expression and then wander around just enough to get a feel for the scene and then go back to her glaring at you. The only thing that truly sucks is the focus point, I really wish I had nailed that, but I'll get over it because this shot works for me overall. You need to know the rules before breaking them, even if it is a happy accident. In this case, I say screw the rules, I like the result.

(Click on the image to see the hi-res version)